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Video Shop Links and Important Information
Know before you shop
Mystery Shopping in One and Two Party States

There are a few States that do require both parties to be aware of the recording. There are 12 states. Since you are being hired by the Mystery shopping company I would inquiry with them to see that the proper forms are on record. What happens is when an employee is hired they sign a form that says that they will at some time in there tenure be recorded. This lets the employee know that they can be recorded at any time while they are working for the company. One thing to remember that If you were asked to do a competitor of that company and they were not aware of the recording then you should not do that shop. The mystery shopping companies that hire you to do video shopping are aware of the two party rules and go to great lengths to make sure the rules are followed. The mystery shopping company doesn't want to do anything legal as there company is at risk as well. 

There are currently 12 states that require consent or notification from each involved party.

California,  Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, 
Massachusetts, Michigan, Montana, Nevada,
New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, and Washington
Here is a You Tube Video from a reporter who talks about video shopping.

Where to Buy A Camera

PV 500 ECO Pocket DVR From Lawmate
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The PV 500 ECO From Lawmate is a new evolution in body wear and multi-function law enforcement grade pocket DVRs. This evolution features high definition (720p) resolution of 1280X960 @ 30 frames per second. Not only is the resolution better, the new PV 500 EVO system is now compatible with both Windows and Mac OS operating systems! The PV 500 ECO is compatible and powers a wide selection of covert cameras and gives you a high grade body-worn DVR system.  You can also obtain an optional seven hour battery for the PV 500 ECO which simply slides on to it's back. When it comes to covert video cameras and digital video recorders, there is only one name you should trust for your covert video surveillance operations and that name is Lawmate. Law enforcement grade and built from the ground up for special covert video applications. Lawmate brand DVRs are made so they can be firmware upgraded so as new features come out, you can install software upgrades. Since Lawmate is developing innovative features that never stops, this will become important to you as time moves forward.

Links to view on Lawmate web site:

The 10 Questions Everyone Asks Me About Video Shopping

Did you miss the show with Jane Bond? You can listen to it again with this link below. 

Thank you for spending part of your Thursday evening with me and Jeff Augason. Jeff so enjoyed sharing with you his love of mystery shopping and the advantages to becoming a video shopper. We hope his experiences inspire you to learn more about becoming a certified
video shopper.
In appreciation for your focus, passion and dedication to your mystery shopping business, I am including a replay of last night's discussion for you to listen to again. Enjoy!

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