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About Jeff The Video Geek
Jeff’s friends and associates call him “Jeff the Geek,” because he loves
gadgets. But as much as he loves those “thingamajigs,” he loves his family

Another thing about Jeff is that all six of the children he and his wife,
Michelle, had are boys. So are his two grandchildren. Everybody wonders if
there will ever be any girls.

Perhaps it’s just as well, though, since Jeff is a died-in-the-wool
scouter. He loves the outdoors, and he loves scouting. In the winter, it’s
downhill skiing. In the summer, it’s camping. Having boys was a natural for

An Eagle Scout, a vigil member of the Order of the Arrow - Founders’ Award
and most recently a recipient of the Silver Beaver, Jeff is the
quintessential Boy Scout. He’s been through Wood Badge advanced leadership
training and on staff as a leader four times in his career, which began in
1997 when his oldest son’s troop found itself leaderless. Jeff stepped into
the breach and never looked back.

Traveling is another of Jeff’s loves. Just to “name drop” a few, they
include Mt. Rushmore, Niagara Falls, Seattle, San Francisco, Northern
California and its famous Redwoods,  Washington D.C.  and Hawaii. He’s
taken two cruises, one to Mexico and one to the Bahamas. This year he is
taking his family to New York City for the 4th of July.

His full time job for 14 years has been with Blue Chip Group where he
serves as V.P. of Human Resources. Part time, he works as a tax consultant,
where he just finished his 8th year with H&R Block. He and his boys also
run a lawn and yard business.

The idea of mystery shopping appealed to Jeff from the first time he heard
about it. He loves to shop. So getting paid for it just “seemed right.”
He’s evaluated over 3500 shops and locations since 2007, including
everything from banks to apartments to high end food shops “and everything
in between.”

An IMSC conference in 2009 turned him on to the concept of video shopping.
He immediately signed up for a certification class.

Today, Jeff is one of only two certified video shoppers in his area. The
companies love to work with him as much as he loves doing the work. Doors
have opened for him as a result, one of which was making more money doing
mystery shops. And because Jeff loves to travel, he takes assignments
across the country.

Let’s face it. Jeff is a travel junkie with an addiction to shopping, a
perfect combination for his chosen avocation.

*"I have been listening to Angela for quite awhile now, well over a year. I am impressed with the information that she offers and the advice. The one  thing that I like about Angela's programs is that she talks with you not at  you. She has such a calming voice and when she talks, it is with
 a caring attitude. I love to hear what she has to offer when she gives her  advice. The information is valuable to me as she has great knowledge and  information that I can use as a shopper. Lately she has been having guests  online and the guests are full of advice for me as an  independent Contractor. I can't wait to hear what Angela has on her program  each month. Thank you Angela, for such an informative program that is full  of information for mystery shoppers." - Jeff Augason

The 10 Questions Everyone Asks Me About Video Shopping

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Thank you for spending part of your Thursday evening with me and Jeff Augason. Jeff so enjoyed sharing with you his love of mystery shopping and the advantages to becoming a video shopper. We hope his experiences inspire you to learn more about becoming a certified
video shopper.
In appreciation for your focus, passion and dedication to your mystery shopping business, I am including a replay of last night's discussion for you to listen to again. Enjoy!

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